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CEOs, presidents and GMs of major media companies

Every Quantum principal is a senior-level consultant. Unlike the principals of most consulting firms, we all have held positions as CEOs, presidents and general managers of major media companies. We bring our extensive line management and consulting experience to each client and project.

Each of our Principals has a unique set of strengths and skills.
  • Christine Arrington - Strategic planning, launches and relaunches, international publishing, website development
  • Carla Graubard - Strategic planning, branding, CRM and partnership marketing, new business development, traffic and content monetization
  • Erica Gruen - Television and online content, advertising and marketing strategy, business development
  • Jean Hellering - Financial/business modeling and business analysis in publishing and direct marketing.
  • Anne Kinard - Circulation, marketing, strategic planning, models, fulfillment
  • Stefanie Lemcke - Strategy and market entry consulting for television, online video content and technology companies in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Brian O'Leary - Content workflows, benchmarking, and financial analysis
  • Ava Seave - Operating and strategic planning, audience development,  creating and launching new products and businesses, non-profit management and strategy
Our Principals work closely with our Specialists.
Our Advisors work full time in industry or for non-profits, and offer us a broad range of experience and advice.
  • Judi Allen -  The Nielsen Company
  • Alison Anthoine- Digital media development, intellectual property, advertising
  • Harold Clarke - Readers Digest Association
  • Chris Fodor - Media Entrepreneur, Casium, Paris
  • Gretchen Grant - General Manager, BobVila.com LLC
  • Bruce Greenwald - Heilbrunn Professor of Asset Management and Finance, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University
  • Ruth Jarmul - Director of Administration, New York Stem Cell Foundation
  • Soo Koon Lee - General Manager, Greenwave Foods, Inc.
  • Daniel Schiff - Senior VP, Thieme, Paris
  • Kit Taylor - Chief Operating Officer, New York Magazine Holdings LLC
Affiliate consultants who work with Quantum are outside New York City and are available for team or individual assignments.
  • Barrie Atkin - Atkin Associates
  • David Breecker - David Breecker Associates
  • Richard B. Verner - V.P. General Counsel, Hellering Associates, Inc.
  • Rebecca Sterner - Independent Consultant