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Quantum Media Team

business development

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http://www.quantummedia.com/projects/business-development | Printed on: February 21, 2018


Created a custom publishing plan for a cable TV network

A highly-visible, young cable TV network engaged a Quantum Media member to explore the concept of ad-sponsored custom publishing as it might apply to television, with the focus on one of the top 3 multi-billion dollar, multinational advertising agencies. Working for the CEO and Head of Sales & Marketing, our consultant completed the following:

  • Analyzed the advertising accounts that would be most likely prospects, along with a complete review of each account’s market status and marketing challenges, using market data and personal interviews
  • Chose the accounts for the pitch
  • Prepared ideas and concepts for each account
  • Created a business model to demonstrate the profitability to each concept

The network successfully pitched the concepts to the agency, positioning the network for increased revenue and better marketing partnerships with these key clients.

Served as transitional CEO for a women’s specialty magazine group

On behalf of investors and the board, a Quantum Media member served as acting CEO of a magazine publisher specializing in women’s books. The consultant reviewed operations and created circulation and business plans for this troubled company. She focused on marketing strategy, cash management and cost control, and new business development.

A key to the successful sale of the business was the consultant’s development of a radical (ad-free) circulation strategy for one of the major publications (900,000 paid circulation) and a high-growth, innovative circulation strategy for the other major publication (1.5 million paid circulation). The consultant managed operations and protected assets until the business was sold one year later.

Assessed a publication purchase and assisted the new owner with the re-launch

A potential buyer of a niche consumer magazine engaged Quantum Media to create a realistic assessment of the market as well as a projection of future revenues and expenses for the publication. After purchasing the magazine, the buyer retained the consultant to advise on various aspects of the re-launch, from setting up the departments to establishing new systems for managing finance, production, advertising, fulfillment and circulation. The consultant continues to advise the buyer on publishing strategy.

The magazine has performed closely to the consultant’s projections of both revenue and expense. A year later, renewal percentages are up 20%, and the subscription base is up 26%. Both continue to improve.

Created plan for and helped implement an expansion strategy to take a local publication national

Several Quantum members worked together to create a business plan for a client looking to expand distribution nationally. They supplied competitive analyses, ran circulation models, advised on business development for the new publication as well as the existing business, created a marketing strategy and positioning for the new title. After approval and budgets for this relaunch, they helped the client to implement the plan: working with the client on new marketing, testing, analyzing results, finding and converting to outside fulfillment services, modifying the plan as situations and results changed over time.

The new publication and distribution system was successfully launched, and Quantum members continue to advise the company in its new phase of expansion.

Consult in business development and marketing strategy

Quantum Media is consulting in business development, marketing and sales strategy work for a leading online video content and technology company. A Quantum principal has been asked to serve on the company’s advisory board.